Electronic equipment insurance

We, at Al Mashreq Insurance, offer you the Electronic Equipment Insurance that was designed by our team of experts to protect you against material losses or damages caused by fire, lightning, water, theft, and electrical malfunctions during the implementation and / or maintenance period along with any unexpected and sudden causes. This includes a wide range of electronic or electrical equipment such as electronic data processing devices, electrical equipment, including medical equipment, communication equipment, navigation equipment and others.

Who would gain from this insurance?

This insurance benefits all types of institutions and companies, such as engineering offices, contractors, NGOs construction and agricultural institutions.

Insurance Coverage:

Saved Digital data: This section provides cover for digital data and information inventory, including the cost of reprocessing and recovering lost information.

Increased operating cost: additional expenses incurred by renting or using alternative electronic data-processing devices along further personnel related costs including commute, accommodation away from headquarters, and night shifts or work during holidays costs.

Insurance Premiums:

The premiums for this insurance are calculated based on the covered risks, insurance limit, in addition to the nature, type and value of the included electronic equipment.

How can I obtain this insurance?

You can obtain one of this insurance by submitting an application via our website, or contacting us directly on 02-2958090, or by visiting one of our branches or offices.

Additional Insurances:

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For more information about Electronic Equipment Insurance, you can contact us directly on customer service number 02-2958090.