Fire, Theft, and Allied Perils Insurance

Al Mashreq Insurance supports its quest to provide you with all you need to guarantee a safer future with Fire, Theft and Allied Perils Insurance as one our House and Property Insurances. Our objective is to innovate high quality insurance services through our cooperative and hardworking team that makes you at the top of their priorities.

Why would you get this insurance?

This insurance is designed for individuals who are interested in protecting their properties from losses and damages resulting from fire, theft, and all risks included in the insurance policy.

What does this insurance Cover?

 This insurance covers the insured for the loss or damage of the covered property due to any accident resulting from fire in accordance with the model documents and conditions issued by the company or any of the following risks:

  • Lightning and thunderbolt
  • Explosion of any of the insured materials or property
  • Vehicle collision with the building and the fall of an aircraft or its parts.
  • Discharge of water from water devices due to burst pipes
  • Robbery or theft under coercion and the use of force and violence.
  • Riots, chaos, workers' strike, and willful damage.
  • Tornadoes, tempests, and floods.
  • Earthquakes, whether there was a resulting fire or not.

How to calculate the premium:

Insurance premiums are calculated based on the risks covered by the insurance policy, and the value of the insured property and buildings.

How can I obtain this insurance?

You can attain this insurance by submitting an application via our website, or contacting us directly on 022958090, or by visiting one of our branches or offices.

Additional insurance for individuals:

Al Mashreq Insurance Offers various other individuals’ insurance to protect you and your families from future risks, such as:

  • Comprehensive House Insurance.
  • Vehicles Insurance.
  • Personal Accidents Insurance.

For more information about Fire, Theft, and Allied Perils Insurance, you are always welcomed to contact us directly using our customer service number 02-2958090.