About Us

Al Mashreq Insurance, a trading name of individual and business insurance services since 1993.

Our History

Since 1993 and throughout the past years, Al Mashreq Insurance has been recognized for its diverse insurance services and solutions among the Palestinian public.

Through providing distinguished services in the field of insurance, utilizing strategic partnerships with a multitude of clients and suppliers, and encompassing career opportunities for thousands of employees, Al Mashreq Insurance has assumed a leading role in the field of insurance in the Palestinian market. a role supported by the strong bond built with Al Mashreq Insurance agents.

The year 2000 has marked a turning point in Al Mashreq Insurance’s professional and economic history, it was the year when strategic partnerships with Jordan French Insurance Company (JOFICO) and eminent businesspeople were established, ushering the path for more developments in company’s organizational structure and operational strategies.

Reinforced by agents and company branches working in ever-developing strategies and spreading all over Palestinian governorates, Al Mashreq Insurance has succeeded in becoming an epitome of client-oriented services.

Moving Forward.