Al-Mashreq Insurance and MAALCHAT sign an agreement to provide payment services through the Digital wallet

Al Mashreq Insurance Company and Maalchat for electronic payment services have signed a partnership agreement to adopt Maalchat as an official payment channel for the payment of insurance service premiums through the Maalchat application.

The meeting was concluded via video conference, in the presence of Al Mashreq Insurance's CEO  - Ayoub Wael Zurub, who praised the importance of the agreement and partnership with Maalchat, as Al Mashreq Insurance works to spread awareness of and the culture of taking advantage of the financial technology services that the company consistently provides by keeping up with all that is developed and modern. The company is also keen to embrace an innovative strategy to address customer demands for safe and electronic payment, particularly in light of the spread of new COVID-19 virus waves.

The agreement was signed at the company's headquarters in Ramallah, in the presence of the Chairman of Maalchat's Board of Directors, Dr. Samir Huleleh, and the General Manager of Al-Mashreq Insurance, Nihad Assad, the General Manager of Maalchat, Wasef Al-Masry, and representatives of both companies.

In turn, Assad emphasized that the partnership with Maalchat reflects the extent of Al Mashreq Insurance's commitment to providing instant, safe, and cashless digital solutions, in addition to enriching the insured's experiences and providing them with the highest level of service.

Furthermore, Dr. Huleleh confirmed that the Maalchat platform is the first of its kind in the Arab world that offers its services to all groups and segments of society. In addition, it works to facilitate the implementation of its users’ financial transactions with all safety, speed, and ease. He continued, "As we are aware of the positive impact of financial inclusion on the level of growth and development of the Palestinian economic sector, we have enhanced that by providing safe and immediate opportunities that enable companies to receive their payments in an easy and fast way and provide them with the latest updates in electronic financial services."

Al-Masry touched on the importance of benefiting from the financial and technological solutions offered by Maalchat, which have become a prerequisite for the renaissance and development of all Palestinian sectors.

Several meetings will be held in the coming period to develop the relationship between the two parties and to provide what suits the needs of the market and the Palestinian citizens.