Fire and Allied Business Perils Insurance

For a more comprehensive coverage and a secured business future, we offer the Fire Allied Perils insurances for businesses.  We aim to grant you the best services and insurance experience with our team of experts.

Who benefits from this insurance?

This insurance targets companies and institutions, such as banks, factories, small business owners and merchants, and shop keepers such as groceries, bakeries, beauty salons and electronic maintenance shops.

 Insurance coverage:

This insurance covers reimburse you for damages and losses to properties and objects, which are included in the insurance, due to any fire accident in accordance with policies and terms model issued by the company, or any of the following dangers:

  • Thunderbolt.
  • Explosion of any insured materials or property.
  • Vehicle collision with the building and aircraft or its parts falling damages.  
  • Pipes bursting and water leaking from water devices.
  • Robbery and / or theft under coercion.
  • Riots, chaos, workers' strike, and deliberate harm.
  • Tornadoes, storms, and floods.
  • Earthquakes, whether they result in a fire or not.

Calculating Premiums:

 Insurance premiums are calculated based on the risks covered by the insurance policy, the insured properties and buildings’ value.

How can you obtain this insurance?

You can obtain this insurance by submitting an application via the website, contacting us directly on 022958090, or visiting one of our branches or offices.

Additional insurances:

We have also tailored the following insurances to suit your business needs and safety:

  • All-Risk Property Insurance.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Civil Liability Insurance.
  • Glass Insurance.
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance.
  • Employee Fidelity Insurance.
  • Work Injury Compensation Insurance.

For more information about Fire and Allied Business Perils insurance, you can contact us directly on customer service No.  02-2958090.