Money insurance

Money transactions are vital for any business operations and is prone to a multitude of risks, however, Al Mashreq InsuranceCompany will help you move forward towards a safer future. Your investments’ safety is our experts’ goal and aspiration.

Who benefits from this insurance?

This insurance targets companies and institutions that keep their money in a specific place and need to be insured from the risk of theft.

Insurance coverage:

This insurance guarantees that you will be reimbursed for the theft of the money you own and for which you are responsible, also in case a loss was endured during the insurance period due to an accident while in transit, or stored in:

  • Iron safes.
  • Panic/Safe rooms.
  •  Office drawers

According to the amounts indicated in the policy.

Calculating premiums:

Your insurance premium is calculated based on the total insurance amount, your safety measures, and the insured money value.

How can you obtain these insurances?

You can obtain this business insurance by submitting an application via our website, or contacting us directly on 02-2958090, or by visiting one of our branches or offices.

Additional insurances

We have multiple other insurances that ensure the safety of your business investments, namely:

  • Fire, Theft, and Allied Perils Business Insurance.
  • Comprehensive Business Property Insurance.  
  • Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Civil Liability Insurance.
  • Glass Insurance.
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance.
  • Business Travel Insurance.
  • Employee Fidelity Insurance.

For more information, you can contact us directly on our customer service number 02-2958090.