Medical Professions Insurance Package

We aim to secure your profession and workplace with our Medical professions Insurance, were our experts would serve a high quality, multi-risk insurance and guarantee your reassurance. Let us move towards a safer future!

Who is this package for?

This insurance package targets Medical centers, clinics, surgeons, and doctors.

Insurances covered by this package:

  1. Fire, Theft, and Allied Perils Insurance:
    This insurance covers damages occurred to insured properties as a result of fire, theft, and violence  with a limit of 30,000 USD.
  2. Civil Liability Insurance:
    This insurance cover legal liability toward others such as visitors and reviewers, with a limit of 5,000 USD  inside insured place’s borders.
  3. Medical Profession Malpractice Insurance:
    This insurance covers medical profession faults, with a limit of 5,000 USD per accident and for total accidents.
  4. Loss of Income:
    Resulting from a fire or theft accident with a limit of 1,400 USD per month, and a maximum of 3 months, with a proof of income.
  5. Personal Accidents Insurance:
    ​This insurance covers the following personal accidents only:
    • Insured’s death, with an amount of 10,000, and excluded traffic and work accidents. 
    • Insured’s Permanent total disability, or permanent partial disability, with a percentage of 10,000 USD, provided that their age at the accident time shall not exceed 65 years.
    • Medical expenses, with a limit of 1,000 USD per accident.

Calculating premiums:

Insurance Premiums are calculated based on this package selected insurances and their limits.

How can you obtain this insurance?

You can obtain this insurance by submitting an application via the website, contacting us directly on 022958090, or visiting one of our branches or offices.

For more information, you can contact us directly on customer service No. 022958090