Employees Personal Accidents Insurance

Al Mashreq Insurance, with its long-experienced staff, provides you with personal accidents Insurance for your employees, in order to move forward towards risk free investment. We believe in providing quality services for a safer future and risk-free business environment.

Who benefits from this insurance?

This insurance is intended to cover the workers and employees of the insured against work injuries, and it is one of the compulsory insurances, so that every employer must insure his workers and employees, according to Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) of 2000.

Insurance Coverage:

Insurance reimburses you in the following cases:

  • A death resulting from a sudden and unexpected accident in which the full amount will be paid.
  • A permanent total or partial disability, resulting from a sudden and unexpected accident, as well as medical treatment expenses, in which a percentage of the agreed insurance amount is paid.

Calculating premiums:

Insurance premiums’ values shall be calculated based on insured employees’ ages, total insurance amount, general safety procedures, and work nature, annual wage for individual, and insured risks. 

How can you obtain this insurance?

You can obtain this insurance by submitting an application via the website, contacting us directly on 02-2958090, or visiting one of our branches or offices.

Additional insurances:

For more safety and benefits options, you can check our list of insurances dedicated for employees:

  • Health Insurance.
  • Work Injury Compensation Insurance.
  • Employee Fidelity Insurance.
  • Business Travel Insurance.

For more information, you can contact us directly on customer service No. 02-2958090.