Civil liability insurance

Al Mashreq Insurance, with its long-experienced staff, provides you with civil liability insurance. This insurance is designated to protect you from any sums you become legally obligated to pay for others while they are in your building, to move forward towards a safer investment. Our objective is to provide you with high-quality insurance services, seek to fulfil your needs through a cooperative and hardworking team that puts you at the top of its priorities.

Who benefits from this insurance?

This insurance targets companies, institutions, shops, and exhibitions in need of a third-party insurance for their visitors.

Insurance Coverage:

 This insurance includes compensating the insured for all sums that they become legally obligated to pay due to:

  • Physical accidental injuries, which may occur to any visitor.
  • Direct financial accidental damages that happened to these visitors’ properties.
  • Injury or damage occurred during the insurance validity, due to the insured work practice in the buildings or other places stipulated in the policy’s schedule.

Under this policy, we also reimburse the insured for all legal expenses in cases of legal lawsuit defense, and the company’s prior approval is required for that.

Calculating premiums:

Civil liability Insurance premiums are calculated based on the insurance amount, coverage limit, as well as the work and the insured building nature, and the undertaken safety procedures. 

How can you obtain this insurance?

You can obtain this insurance by submitting an application via the website, contacting us directly on 022958090, or visiting one of our branches or offices.

Additional insurances:

Al Mashreq Insurance offer more business beneficial insurance, such as:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Money Insurance.
  • Business Travel Insurance.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Employees Fidelity Insurance.
  • Work Injury Compensation Insurance.
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For more information, you can contact us directly on our customer service No.  02-2958090