Health insurance

Al Mashreq Insurance provides your company or institution with employee health insurance. This insurance is a formation of a social system based on cooperation between individuals to bear what one cannot overcome alone. This will be done through distributing the expected risk that employees may face to reduce the burdens and costs of health care services. Al Mashreq Insurance extends this service through the Pal Med Service network. (Pal Med Service is a medical company with a specialized staff has experience in health insurance management and available for 24 hours a day through the medical network, which the company has contracted, and it is spread all over Palestine).

Who benefits from this insurance?

This insurance is for companies and institution seeking healthcare coverage for their employees and employees’ families.

Insurance coverage:

  1. Treatment in hospital:
    This cover includes hospital stay and treatment, surgeries, childbirth whether natural or cesarean delivery.
  2. Treatment outside hospital:
    This cover includes visiting and following up with doctors, dispensing prescriptions, laboratory tests, x-rays, physiotherapy, CT and MRI reports, as well as dental treatment and eyeglasses.

Calculating premiums:

We consider the insured risks, insurance term and number of insured people to calculate your premiums.

To obtain this insurance:

You can submit an application via our website, contacting us directly on 022958090, or visit one of our branches or offices.

Our Medical Network:

To know hospital’s names, medical centers and doctors covered by health insurance, please visit Medical Network.

Additional insurances:

We present many other insurances designated for your employees, including:

  • Work Injury Compensation Insurance.
  • Employees Personal Accidents Insurance.
  • Business Travel Insurance.
  • Employees Fidelity Insurance.

To learn more about this and other insurances, you can contact us directly on our customer service No. 02-2958090