Vehicle insurance

We at Al Mashreq Insurance Company seek to provide you with vehicle insurance solutions that would match your needs and requirements while simultaneously protecting you from the risks that you and your vehicle may be exposed to on the roads. Our dedicated prioritize moving with you towards a safer future.

Who benefits from this insurance?

This insurance is designed for individuals who own vehicles, whether with Palestinian or Israeli license plates, and who wish to protect themselves from damages resulting from traffic accidents.

  1. Unified Compulsory Vehicle Insurance
    A mandatory insurance as set by the Palestinian law and is also known as the insurance against material damage to third parties.
    Insurance coverage:
    This insurance covers bodily injuries that people may suffer in road accidents. This liability coverage will make us responsible for paying the costs for treating the injured individuals inside the insured vehicle, as well as the injuries caused by the vehicle to pedestrians on the roads.
    Our liability for bodily injuries, according to the applicable insurance law, is as follows:
    • Providing medical treatment for the injured until they are fully recovered or in a stable state.
    • Reimbursing the injured individuals for the psychological damages they suffered due to the injury.
    • Compensating the injured individuals for all financial obligations they incurred due to the accident.
    • Compensating the injured individuals for temporary and permanent income loss that they may suffer as a result of the injury.
    • Compensating the injured individuals for death cases.
    This policy also covers losses and damages caused by the vehicle to a third party’s properties whether a vehicle or any physical property.
  2. Complementary Comprehensive Insurance
    An optional insurance for the vehicle’s body.

Insurance coverage:

This insurance covers the total or partial damage to the body of the insured vehicle resulting from road accidents, overturning, ignition, collision, or theft of the vehicle. The maximum value of the vehicle reimbursement is the declared value in the insurance policy or the market value of the vehicle, whichever is less.

Calculating insurance premiums:

Vehicle insurance premiums are based on the unified vehicle insurance tariff stated by the Palestinian Capital Market Authority. You can calculate the insurance premiums for your vehicle by visiting the insurance calculator.

How can I obtain this insurance?

You can obtain one of these insurance by submitting an application via our website, or contacting us directly on 022958090, or by visiting one of our branches or offices.

Additional insurance for individuals:

You can take advantage of many other individuals’ insurance to protect you and your families from the future risks that may face you, namely:

  • Comprehensive House Insurance.
  • Personal Accidents Insurance.
  • Travel Insurance.

 For more information about Vehicles Insurance, you can contact us directly on customer service number 02-2958090.