Al Mashreq Insurance and SOS Children's Villages Palestine sign a memorandum of cooperation to care for the village's children.

As an extension of its humanitarian and responsible role towards all segments of Palestinian society, Al-Mashreq Insurance Company and SOS Children’s Villages Palestine signed a memorandum of understanding to sponsor and guarantee a full care for a house in the village, which will provide children with education, health care and other expenses for a whole year.

The agreement was signed by the National Director of SOS Children’s Villages, Mohammad Al-Shalaldeh, and the General Manager of Al-Mashreq Insurance Company, Nihad Assad, at the National Office of SOS Children’s Villages in Bethlehem, in the presence of the CEO of Al-Mashreq Insurance – Ayoub Wael Zurub, and the Chairman of the Advisory Board for SOS Children’s Villages Palestine – Talal Nasser El-Din via video conference. In addition to colleagues from both sides.

Zurub conveyed the greetings of the Board of Directors' chairman of Al-Mashreq Insurance – Jalal Nasser El-Din, expressing his happiness with this cooperation, as the company’s strategy in performing its humanitarian and national duty intersects with the vision of SOS Children’s Villages, which believes that children have the right to grow in a loving family environment surrounded by respect and safety.

Zurub also commended the efforts of those in charge of SOS Children’s Villages, their pioneering role, lofty message, and their insistence on giving children warm alternative homes and a decent life. In addition to providing alternative family, health and psychological care services for children who lack family support living in these villages and abroad, to empower them and integrate them into society. He added that Al Mashreq Insurance’s adoption of such initiatives stems from the company's conviction and belief that one of the most important elements for the advancement of the local community is the care of all its segments, especially the less fortunate.

The Chairman of the Advisory Board for SOS Children’s Villages, Talal Nasser El-Din, expressed his gratitude to the Al-Mashreq Insurance initiative and its board of directors to sponsor a full house of orphaned and careless children, and said that this is not the first time that Al-Mashreq Insurance and its CEO have supported SOS Children’s Villages and its’ workers. This new grant is considered the highest level of humanitarian support, wishing success to those in charge of the company and all its staff, and calling on the rest of the private sector companies to follow the example of Al Mashreq to support and protect children.

During a tour at the SOS Children’s Village, the National Director of SOS Children’s Villages Palestine, Mohammad Al-Shalaldeh, briefed the accompanying delegation on the history of establishing SOS Children’s Villages all over the world and Palestine in particular.  He explained that the village is based on caring for more than 4,000 orphaned children, who lost parental care, in addition to running several programs based on empowering families and caring for Children from infancy right through to youth, when they are able to establish their independent lives.

In turn, the General Manager of Al Mashreq Insurance, Nihad Assad, affirmed the company’s commitment and adoption of continuous initiatives that would create a responsible generation capable of changing for the better. Hoping that this support will be the beginning of a permanent partnership and cooperation between the two parties. The delegation visited a house that was assigned under the auspices of Al-Mashreq Insurance, in appreciation of the company’s initiative, which will ensure a decent and healthy life for these children.