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Al-Mashreq Insurance Company, with its long experienced staff, provides health insurance to workers in your companies and institutions. This insurance is a formation of a social system based on cooperation between individuals to bear what one person cannot bear alone, so that we can move forward towards a future full of health and wellness, through the distribution of the expected risk that the individual may face, which leads to reducing the burdens and costs incurred when dealing with sick conditions that The insured are exposed to it. Al-Mashreq Insurance provides its employees with the Pal...

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You can get the appropriate price and calculate the insurance premium for your vehicles through an electronic calculator. All you have to do is enter the basic details of your vehicles such as the type of license required and the value of the vehicle, and the calculator will show you the value of insuring your vehicle. You can also get additional coverage value of your choice.

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30 years of specialization in insurance services

30 years ago, Al-Mashreq Insurance Company started its journey as the first insurance company operating in the Palestinian market in 1993. At that time, Al-Mashreq Insurance Company allowed the Palestinian consumer the ability to benefit from insurance solutions and services for the first time, forming a problem with the features of the sector Insurance services in the Palestinian market.

The story of the 30 years has accompanied many challenges and obstacles, which the Mashreq Insurance Company managed to overcome, in order to embody its slogan "We are moving forward." The step of joining the Jordan French Insurance Company as a strategic partner in the middle of the year 2000 with a group of distinguished businessmen and administrators, The greatest impact on the company's return to the path of its professional and economic development, accompanied by major steps in the internal structure of the company and the formulation of new business strategies soon began its positive effects to appear.

Today, Al-Mashreq Insurance Company takes a leading position in the Palestinian insurance market, by providing thousands of job opportunities, and building an integrated and professional team that works according to guidelines that put the Palestinian consumer at the center of their attention. In addition to building strategic partnerships with many customers and suppliers, and strengthening the relationship between them and their agents, which strives for their constant support and expansion of their activities and marketing activities.

On the Palestinian consumer side, Al Mashreq Insurance Company aspires to maintain the level of quality of service provision, and to provide innovative insurance solutions, in addition to increasing consumer awareness of insurance services and solutions at all levels of life. As our slogan is "Going forward," our mission is to inspire Palestinian individuals and companies to move forward despite the challenges and difficulties they face, so together we are stronger, and together we move forward.